How to cure depression? Japanese method

“Once upon a time in Japan, I had terrible stress. So I started to weigh 75 kg I could walk in my pajamas all day and not wash for 2 and 3 days. I didn’t even brush my teeth. And then I didn’t want to live.

Knowing this, my Japanese friend took me to one clinic. And she said that there is one interesting procedure after which life is changing as if reborn. She came for me and I went in my pajamas and slippers with her. Went to the center in this form. On the head dullie. In Japan, do not pay attention to you. Go bare though. They are not up to someone. Everyone is busy with his thoughts. And they have no habit of treating people in traffic or on the street. So free people.

They came, filled the paper. So ... I go there, and there is a coffin in the middle of the room. The doctor asked me a few questions. They gave me smart clothes for a suicide bomber. I changed my clothes.

I lay down. There was a strange smell inside. But filled with refreshing. Soft satin. Bright color. Beads around the coffin. I lie, I consider the coffin. Funeral music played inside. The faint light from the room was visible from the cracks.

Then I hear as if they were carrying me out and loading me into a car. I'm starting to press a button. She fell off. I begin to call them and resent that I did not pay for it. And finally can not oh @ did they eat for an hour. Then we go about 10 minutes. I already choke a little. Then I hear the command: "Start up !!" And they let me down on the ropes into the ground. And I hear the earth falling on top of me on the coffin. And the voices become muffled. I am starting to scream in a hysterics. Mate in Russian. Empowering In my head a million thoughts. What I got to the sectarians. They kill me. Aum senrikyo, fucking !!! Handies who hate foreigners. And, most likely, Japanese girlfriend with them in collusion. Kill the bitch. I'm really buried. I started screaming even more like a pig in a slaughterhouse and kicked. And the worst thing I started to choke. I was crying and snot running down my cheeks, poured into my ears. From hysterics and fear, I pissed. Out of cramp, I could not even wipe my face. I lay like a log. Hands at the seams. In a close hump. Inside smelled urine. I thought: "Lord, I do not want to die !!!"

It was awfully cramped. Stuffy. And there was already nothing to breathe. Has become dizzy. I felt it was starting to freeze. After all, I was pissing the whole coffin and lying wet in my urine. Cold land I thought. I sobbed for about 20 minutes. And already fainted. The condition was terrible. I began to understand Gogol and remembered that maybe he woke up in a coffin and died just like I was here.

Pictures from the past immediately surfaced before my eyes. As I gave birth and held my daughter in my arms. Her first steps. Her pigtails that I braided every day. Oh, God, I completely forgot about my daughter. Because of his imaginary depression.

I remembered that I stopped calling my mother at all. I remembered that life is so beautiful. That life is wonderful. And here I am, bitch, dying in a coffin. And my favorite Japanese are killing me. Which I so idolized. Ah, the Japanese. Eh bitch. And then the door opens. I, I look, in the same room. This coffin is an illusion of death and is fully computerized.
I still cried for 10 minutes. I just calmed down. Material them.

Girlfriend is laughing. They gave me a video of my "death". Inside the coffin were cameras and all recorded.
After this procedure, I lost weight, prettier. Fell in love with life and more thought that I do not want to live and depression is no more. I don't want to go there anymore. I want to live here and now. Here it is. And you will love life. "

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