How to choose a baby haircut?

When the child grows up, you have to watch his hair. Beautiful haircut will make the child more elegant.

The Internet presents a huge number of different options for haircuts, but most of them do not fit the little children. It is necessary to approach their selection responsibly, because with a hair karapuz will have to go quite a long time - at least a month. And if the haircut is poor quality and ugly, then the pussy will look untidy and unattractive.

When selecting a particular type of hairstyle, you need to pay attention to a large number of aspects. Among them: the condition of hair on the head, its structure, as well as the direction in which it grows. If you take into account all these moments and select the haircut correctly, then the toddler will have a beautiful hairstyle, and he will constantly be in a good mood.

Features haircut tops

Male tops, and men in general, have little to do with haircuts. They relate to this case more calmly than girls. If the hairdresser makes a terrible hairstyle, the man will not be sad for a long time - he will buy a cap and wear it until the hair grows back.

In girls, things are different. They go to the hairdresser with one goal: to go out with a surprisingly beautiful haircut, which will amaze those around them with its beauty.

For girls, this event is very important. Before him, they are often nervous, constantly worried, and gather in a hurry. Therefore, sometimes they achieve the desired is more difficult than men, because they are in a state of constant calm.

When you pick up a haircut for a little girl, focus on wearing comfort. At this age, long hair length is not needed. You can choose any average size so that the baby is comfortable walking with him. If you choose the right hairstyle, then the child will be comfortable. All he needs to do in the morning is to comb.

At an early age do not recommend banging little girls. They look inappropriate and ugly. In this period of life such haircut is not useful to them. If you like this hairstyle, you can use it when the child grows up.

We also do not recommend dyeing girls hair in unusual colors. They can cause confusion in the garden or at school. Therefore, we recommend not to experiment, and immediately make some standard hairstyle that will be comfortable for the child and, at the same time, will look beautiful.

Naturalness and safety

When selecting a haircut, it is necessary to focus on ensuring that it is natural, and also provides karapuzu security.

Your task is to choose a hairstyle that will be unusual, but at the same time, simple and beautiful.

Look at the magazines about adult girls is not worth it, because the images presented there are only suitable for the podium, and not for everyday life.

Boys and girls

Male boobs always liked short haircuts. They are suitable for almost all boys, because they look stylish and beautiful. You can experiment and find something suitable. But we do not recommend to cut children too short. This length of hair may not suit everyone.

Before summer, we recommend cutting the boy so that the back of his head remains open. Due to this, you will be able to provide the child with a sufficient level of ventilation - the baby will not sweat even with strong heat.

Girls recommend to make a haircut in the style of a cascade or square. Restrictions on the choice of hairstyles there. Parents can independently choose the right image for the child. It all depends on the intuition of mommy (or the one who monitors the appearance of the child).

At an older age, tots begin to take their image more seriously and responsibly. They constantly watch the hair, and often cut their hair like celebrities.

The task of the parents at this stage is to familiarize themselves with what haircut the child wants to choose, and if they do not like it, talk to the baby and advise him another.

Face type

If you and your child have already begun to discuss the haircut that they will be doing, then go on to the next step. Pick it up, based on the structure of the physiognomy of the baby.

Your task in the next step is to determine what type of face the toddler has. With this, there are usually no problems. If you find out the type of person playfully, then the toddler will be not only interesting, but also fun.

You need to take the child, and bring it to the glass. Tell him to stand beside him and remove all hair from his face. After there is nothing left on the face, take a marker and circle it on the glass.

After that, look at the "cast". The geometric shape drawn there is the type of face.

  • If the little face has an oval, then you are lucky. Problems with the choice of hairstyle will not arise. The oval face type is universal, and is suitable for any haircuts.
  • If the face of the toddler is represented as an elongated oval, then do not worry. You can trim the toddler as you please, but you definitely need to make him a bang. The latter will make the face short and more beautiful.
  • If the shape of the face is round, then we recommend cutting the toddler so that the hair length is medium. For boys with a round face, we advise you to grow hair. Haircuts of this type are most suitable for them. Girls recommend cascading. But the volume they should not be very large. Chelku must necessarily thin. If you do not do this, then the hairstyle will look messy. For round face type we do not recommend using curls of medium length. If they are, they must be either short or long.
  • If the child has a triangular face type, we recommend using cascading hairstyles. They will make the volume bigger and will look beautiful.

Hair type and thickness

When you choose a child's hair, be sure to pay attention to his hair type. You also need to see how thick they are.

If the hair is thin in structure, it will keep its shape small. In such situations, both boys and girls do not need to grow big hair. It will be useless because they will quickly lose their shape. We recommend making structured hairstyles.

If karapuz hair has a thickness not lower than average, then it is very good for him. You will be able to do any hairstyle, and she will have no problem staying for quite a long time.

Thick hair sometimes "behave" strangely. In the process of life with them problems may arise. They will be difficult to put even if you make the most comfortable hairstyle in the world.

Your task is to choose a toddler with a haircut that will be comfortable for him to wear throughout his life. Therefore, we recommend to pay attention to the cascading haircuts. They have a quality structure, and help the toddler to live in peace.

Be sure to pay attention to how hair grows. If there are vortices on the back of the head, then at this point a special emphasis should be placed. Keep in mind that there may be problems with this. Lay the strands on the street the child does not work - you have to do every time combing hair at home.

Hairdressing recommendations

When you take the toddler to the hairdresser, immediately tune in to work with a specialist you choose. Offer him your haircut idea. If he says that a certain hairstyle doesn’t suit your toddler, then try to figure out what the reason is.

If you go to the hairdresser, in which really professionals work, they will select the style for your baby, and you will not have to think about it.

Your task in the barbershop is to express your opinion, listen to what the stylist will say, and try to decide with him.

If the child is already of a conscious age, then ask what kind of haircut he would like. But if his proposal, in your opinion, is wrong, and bad in terms of style, then you don’t need to go on. The final decision must take you.

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