Why do girls exaggerate the "scale" of their problems when they tell us about them?

In my opinion, women often exaggerate their problems, past events, feelings, often causing in themselves completely unnecessary spiritual experiences. You can say complicate your life at will. 
To understand why they are doing this, we first understand why people exaggerate?

And this happens for several reasons:
  • Human memory is surprisingly erroneous. A person’s memory of an incident can be greatly shaken by his feelings and subjective opinion about the incident or any other external factors. Thus, something may seem to this person much worse or much better than it actually was.
  • People are pretty selfish. Especially when it comes to meeting their basic needs. If they decide that they have a need that is not being met, they will go to great lengths to satisfy that need. "I'm so hungry I can eat a horse." "I need something to drink, I'm dying here." "If I do not go to the bathroom this second, I will burst." "This pain is unbearable, I need aspirin right now." People tend to exaggerate their despair about basic needs in order to increase the chances of their satisfaction.
  • People tend to be accepted by their peers, because people are social animals. Social orders of people, as a rule, include the environment of more popular people and the exclusion of less popular ones. If one person determines that a group does not like a certain person, he or she is likely to exaggerate their negative feelings towards that person in order to be more accepted. “Oh yes, I hate this guy too. He is the worst. They can also do something similar, exaggerating their positive feelings towards more popular people.

  • People crave approval and positive attention. If a person does not often receive the attention or statement he demands from his usual accomplishments, he may exaggerate his achievements or his adversities in order to gain more praise.

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